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Nov 23, 1997 - 07:27 -

I have a question:
Judaism has a blessing for almost every event in you know of a "pocket book" of Blessings? Also, are there any good prayer books other than the siddurs? Thanks.

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Most Siddurim have a brief section containing a compendium of all the frequently occuring statutory blessings said throughout the day and on a wide variety of special occasions. See for example The Art Scroll Siddur (which is particularly easy to use because of its graphic design and extensive English instructions and commentary).  You could make a (reduced) copy of just those pages to carry in your pocket.

Remember that it bears God's personal Name. So if you do this, be sure to keep it inside a credit card protector or other slipcase (even if it is in your wallet) so that you can carry it with you into a bathroom.  And when it is worn and has outlived its usefulness, give it to a Jewish funeral home or synagogue for proper burial (at no charge to you).

There are also small booklets that collect the blessings. If there's no Jewish Bookstore in your area, The Israel Bookshop at 617-566-7113 can ship anywhere.

 The ArtScroll Siddur can be ordered on-line at: