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The Learner's Minyan

A friendly place to ask about Jewish synagogue ritual, the prayer book, and related traditions.


News News News:

We have just switched our ISP, and the program for posting new questions has to be replaced. We hope to have this feature working again soon. In the meantime, I hope our archives are helpful.

Important Notice:

Thanks to some very wonderful publicity, it has become impossible for me to keep up with the deluge of questions being posted.  Regretfully, more than half of the questions will never be answered; so it's more important than ever to consult the Q&A archives before posting a question.

If you do have a new question to post, consider including your e-mail.  In case I can't get to your question, this will enable other visitors to help you if they can.  Of course, only you can decide if that's worth publishing your e-mail address on the internet.


Your question, and the other information you provide below, will be automatically appended to The Latest Questions, so please do not enter any information here that you do not want publicly posted there. The answer to your question will be posted in our Q&A Archives.  If your browser doesn't support forms, or if you want to send information privately, e-mail Or check out our puzzles, quizzes, and other goodies.

Please type your question in the box below:
(Please look in our Q&A Archives before posting a question.  We may have already answered your question.)

If you would like, you can add your e-mail address:

Let us know your name (and a little about yourself) if you'd like:

How did you find The Learner's Minyan?

When you click SEND, your question and all the other information you've provided will be appended to The Latest Questions.
The answer will be posted in our Q&A Archives

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Thank you!

Note: If your browser doesn't support forms, please email me at

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