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Oct 2, 1997 - 11:17 -

I have a question:
I am preparing or my Bar Mitzvah. I am trying to come up with a lsit of Jewish Charities that I can give everyone who attends. Are there any lists available?

About me: Aaron C.
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How I found this site: My father found the site and told me about it.

Congratulations on your preparations, Aaron. There are many possibilities. Start by examining local possibilities, which might include:

  • local Jewish day schools and yeshivot
  • kosher food pantries that support needy Jewish families
  • kollels (places where Torah study and teaching is carried on for adults)
  • free loan societies (to help poor Jews start up small business ventures) 
  • your own synagogue and its various programs
  • secular local charities, such as homeless shelters, halfway houses for batterred women, etc.

Your rabbi should be familiar with the most significant worthy causes in your own community.

In addition, many give to charity to support the Jewish community in Eretz Yisrael and its various institutions. Some people actually support both causes at once, by buying Israel Bonds and then donating the bonds to a local charitable institution.