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From: (Beth Shapiro)

I would like to know which prayers, specifically, a woman says on a daily basis. Not including brachot over various foods, etc. I have an Art Scroll (Ashkenazi), and it is not clear to me exactly which prayers I am to say each day. I appreciate your guidence.


Dear Beth,

Thanks for your question. According to all authorities, Jewish women are subject to the biblical obligation to pray daily. Women are not obligated to pray congregationally. For women, prayer is an individual and personal obligation.

According to most authorities, women are subject to the rabbinic obligation to use the fixed form of the Amidah in their daily prayer -- the same text used by Jewish men. According to many authorities, women are obligated to pray the Amidah at least twice daily -- shacharit and mincha.

Because of the superior effectiveness of congregational prayer, it is both meritorious and beneficial for a woman to pray as a part of the formal unified community whenever it is not inconvenient. However there is no obligation to do so.

So if you're praying from the Art Scroll siddur on your own, simply skip the parts that require a minyan, as has been described in detail above. Or if pressed for time, just say the Amidah in the morning and afternoon (and the Sh'ma in the evening and morning).

Disclaimer: I am not a rabbi. For personal guidance in prayer and spiritual growth, a rabbinic mentor is invaluable.  

--- Jordan