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Dec 2, 1997 - 21:54 -

I have a question:
I recently read an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine regarding the proper behavior of a Jew upon visiting a Church. The article suggested following the congregation. While I agree with this relative to sitting and standing - I take exception to it relative to kneeling. I would like to respond back with a letter to the editor - however, I would like to be able to reference my letter with technical support. Please let me know what the origin is of the prohibition against kneeling. I believe it is rooted in the idol worship of our forefathers and our requirement to worship no other g-ds. Please E-Mail your answer to: Thank you Sandra Drucker

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Thank you for your question, Sandra.  

With the exception of Seventh Day Adventist churches and Unitarian Churches (both of which do not actually worship the man annointed by Christian tradition), it is forbidden for a Jew to enter a church (under ordinary circumstances). So your question is probably moot.  (Mosques are fine -- you can enter and even worship there.)

The Cosmopolitan article was not informed by Jewish tradition.

--- Jordan